New Resident Resources

Welcome to the City of McCausland. Life here is laid back and easy going.  Our community is family friendly, and full of helpful neighbors.  Check out our other pages for local businesses, schools and amenities.

The following information should help ease the transition of moving into the area for new residents.


Sewer Utility - Each household provides their own water service with a private well.  Sanitary Sewer is provided by the city with a flat rate of $79.50/month.

Garbage & Recycling - Services are provided by Republic Waste Management.  Call the city of you need new or replacement receptacles.  Garbage is weekly and recycling is bi-weekly.  Cost is $20/month.

Gas & Electric Service - Each residence has a private propane tank.  Services can be purchased from the provider of your choice or the owner of your tank, such as River Valley Cooperative, Farm Service, AmeriGas or Mulgrew Oil & Propane.  Electric Service is provided by Alliant Energy or Eastern Iowa Light and Power (REC), depending on your location.

Internet/Telephone Providers - Local internet providers are Central Scott Technologies (CST) and Mediacom.  CST is located in Eldridge and also provides land lines and TV.  CST has recently run new fiber optic lines in town, however, it is not active yet.  The best cell phone coverage comes from AT&T as there is a new tower just outside of town.

Mail - We have a Post Office that we fought hard to keep!  Most everyone gets their mail through a PO Box.  If you live on the rural route you can get home delivery, but your city address will be Long Grove, IA 52756 because that is who delivers the mail.  Post office hours are 8am-noon Monday-Friday and 8am-10am on Saturday.  The lobby is open 24/7.